need of more substantial car body repairs?


Scuffbusters carry out a wide range of more extensive car body repairs

Is your car more badly damaged, where more than a little bit of TLC is needed? Scuffbusters regularly fix a wide variety of minor accident damage, and the definition of ‘minor’ gets stretched a long way sometimes..

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If you’ve quite badly damaged a wing, quarter panel or perhaps a door has had a bit of a thump, no worries. If it’s repairable we’ll repair it. Trust us, we’ll happily return to perfection damaged panels that other bodyshops would immediately look to replace. We don’t think willy-nilly replacement is good practice, both from price and environmental impact perspectives.

Bear in mind also that often you’re likely to have less long-term issues with a good quality panel repair than with a panel replacement, which quite often comes under the ‘major invasive surgery’ category. Following that analogy through, we’re not ‘scalpel happy slash and stitch merchants’. If we can avoid going in deep, we will certainly do so, as long as we can get a perfect result. That has to be better doesn’t it?

If a wing, door, bumper or bonnet really is totally past being repairable, no problem. We’ll source and fit original manufacturers parts and do whatever is needed to get your car looking perfect again. We have the quality car body surgeon expertise and can use those skills when needed.

Take a look through some of the below pictures for an idea of the sort of work we’ve carried out.

To get a fixed price quote either drop in or send us some photos of the damage using our Get a Quote page.

A lousy ‘before’ photo from us, but this one is such a peach we just have to share it with you… Believe it or not, the local dealer had given this client an estimate for just over £6000 for this job (yes, really, that’s SIX THOUSAND POUNDS), as they reckoned that in addition to a new bumper and light cluster, the whole quarter panel needed replacement. To be fair, that ‘before’ picture doesn’t really show how bad the car looked before we started on it. Ok, we did need to fit a new part of the bumper but the main section was repairable. And the light cluster price was unavoidable, but even with those very expensive BMW parts prices and a huge amount of time making the panel good (and no, the filler wasn’t 2 inches deep, only a thin skim was needed), our bill was still under £2000. We think that a £4k saving is probably our best ever…

The owner of this Ford Focus had been told that this quarter panel needed replacement, an extensive cut & weld surgery job, ‘estimated’ at just under £1000. We disagreed and after skilled panel beating and only a small amount of smoothing filler we’re all good again. Our bill? £360.

We see these every day of every week. An easy 2 day repair for Scuffbusters and around £300, approximately half what the main dealer would want. Note that with repairs like this, to get a good colour match we have to ‘blend’ the new paint across onto adjacent panels, otherwise the price would have been only around £200…

In need of more substantial car body repairs?

Scuffbusters carry out a wide range of more extensive car body repairs

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The highest quality bodywork I've ever seen, and at huge savings over other quotes I had. I don't know how they do it. Superb. Mr Towner, Wadhurst