Need alloy wheel refurbishment?

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Scuffbusters have the answer!

Few things lift a cars appearance like fresh ‘new’ alloy wheels. Scuffed and scraped alloy wheels can really let your car down. And with all the difficult parking around the Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks and Tonbridge areas it’s all too easy to kerb those alloy wheels. It’s very difficult not to!

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Alloy wheel refurbishment is just one of the services Scuffbusters offer to keep your car looking perfect.

Alloy Wheel Reffubishment

To get a fixed price quote either drop in or send us some photos of the damage using our Get a Quote page.

We only repaint the external wheel face, please note if there is any alloy corrosion, we cannot guarantee that this will not return. As tyres are not removed from wheels re-balancing is not usually required so we do not include this unless requested. With some low profile tyres it is occasionally necessary to remove the tyre completely from the wheel, in which case an additional charge may be made to allow for the removal/replacement and fitment of new valves and rebalancing. We'll always chat this through with you before carrying out any work.

We can offer this refurbishment service to painted alloy wheels only, not wheels with a 'Diamond Cut' finish (this is where the finish is actually machined alloy that is then lacquered, as opposed to a silver painted finish. We also do not offer the 'Grey/Black Chrome' effect finish seen on some late Hondas and BMW's.

For some reason nobody remembers to get the camera out for alloy wheel refurbishments, but a couple of snaps below give you some idea of the before/after effect. We must get some new pics up soon!

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Need alloy wheel refurbishment?

Few things lift a cars appearance like fresh ‘new’ alloy wheels..

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