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Scuffbusters save owner nearly 90%!!

The pictures below show a Citroen Berlingo that came to us with a really badly dented front wing. The owner wasn’t sure how it had been done, but it looked like another case of mindless vandalism to us.
Berlingo Dent Before

Traditionally dent repairs involve panel beating to remove the worst of the dent, then some filler to get things perfectly flat and smooth, followed by priming, painting etc. If the damage is near the edge of panel then to ensure a perfect colour match it’s usual to ‘blend’ the new paint across those adjoining undamaged areas as well. The Berlingo owner was brandishing a quote that included for a new wing as hers was so badly dented. Oh, and that bodyshop wanted the car for a week to get the repairs done. And the quote was for £920. Ouch.

As the paintwork was not actually damaged, even though the dent was a really nasty one, we felt going the Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) approach was worth a go first.

PDR is, we reckon, a bit of a mix of skill and really impressive practical magic. We never cease to be amazed at what our PDR technician is able to achieve to get panels looking totally perfect again in a matter of hours. We don't think he'd look out of place with a pair of round-lens specs and a lightning bolt across his forehead, so good are the results he can achieve!

PDR involves the operator using his years of experience and highly specialist tools (plus of course that Hogwarts training) to effectively ‘massage away’ the dents. After a couple of hours of ‘tap-tap-ing’ from the corner of the workshop and a few expletives the Berlingo re-appeared into the daylight. The result was absolutely perfect and the car owner couldn’t believe her eyes. Less than 3 hours and a bill for £108.

Berlingo Dent After

It’s worth mentioning that we did have a back-up plan if the PDR wasn’t totally successful, which would have involved the traditional panel beat/fill/paint approach. Our quote for that route was about £450, still a saving of over 50% on that other quote. Maybe not quite as magical as an almost 90% saving but nevertheless we think pretty impressive.

So, if you have picked up some dents in the supermarket car park (from the kids bikes is another favourite) and the paintwork hasn’t been damaged then let our very own wizard take a look. It could cost you very little to get your car spic and span again.

Even if the paint is damaged and the 'Muggle approach' is needed, remember we guarantee the lowest prices, the best possible quality work, and the fact that your repairs will stay perfect for as long as you own the car, no matter how long that is!

As with all work, for a quote just email us some photos or just drop in, anytime.


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