We have used Scuffbusters 3 times in the last 6 months, we couldn't recommend them more!

Mrs Stevens, Tunbridge Wells (more testimonials)

Car bumper cracked or worse?

Avoid a replacement, Scuffbusters can probably fix it!

For when your car bumper has received a bit more than just a scuff or a scrape, don't worry, Scuffbusters can usually fix it.

With a cracked plastic car bumper, traditional bodyshops will invariably look to replace the whole bumper, they either don't have the tools and expertise to fix it, or just can't be bothered, when fitting a new bumper will bring them far more profit. With car bumpers typically costing anything up to £300 - £500 or even more, plus the cost to remove the old, fit the new and paint, it's not rare for us to see customers clutching quotes for £800 or more to replace a cracked bumper.

We can't guarantee to fix anything (especially if large chunks of the bumper are missing) but in many instances where your bumper may appear to be a basket case, you just won't believe what we can do.

We use all sorts of tools, tips and tricks, from specialist plastic adhesives to strengthening mesh that can be moulded into the affected area to provide excellent strength.

In cases where a chunk has broken away, keep all the bits! One of the photos below shows a Saab bumper where a large section was missing, but because the owner had kept the piece, we were able to stitch things back together.

We can't give you fixed price for this service as some involve far more work than others. Typical plastic bumper crack repairs will be around £150, but we guarantee that even severely damaged bumpers can be repaired for a LOT less than a replacement.

If your car bumper is 'only' scraped or scratched, check out our Scratched, Scraped and Scuffed Bumpers page. If damage has run onto adjacent body panels, see our Panel Repair page.

Below are a few examples of cracked (or worse) car bumpers that we have fixed to their owner's delight!

To get a fixed price quote either drop in or send us some photos of the damage using our Get a Quote page.

Big chunk broken away, no problem...

No need for a new bumper here, easy repair for Scuffbusters

Owner could not get a new part, Scuffbusters to the rescue!

Another silly saving..